My Open Source Projects

If you look at my GitHub Profile, you will find a relatively long list of public repositories – 61, at time of writing this. Many of these are, of course, the usual mix of one-shot projects, short-lived experiments, and forks of other projects, but some of them are, in fact, projects that I’m actively (and proudly) maintaining.

Active Projects

Flutterby is a web development framework that aims to simplify the development of small to medium-sized web sites and applications. It can be used as a static site generator, but also as a framework for dynamic server-side applications, offering a smooth migration path from one to the other.

Slodown is a comprehensive user input rendering pipeline packaged as a RubyGem. It wraps around some powerful rendering and sanitization libraries and adds some sane defaults. I use it in all my projects that render user-provided Markdown or HTML, and so should you. :-)

Legacy Projects

Some noteworthy projects that I’m no longer actively maintaining include Pants (and its never-completed rewrite IndiePants), a decentralized web publishing platform based on IndieWeb; rbfu, a minimal Ruby version switcher; Schnitzelpress, a light-weight Ruby blogging engine; bumpy, a little CLI tool that will bump your gem’s version number; and Happy, a routing-tree web application framework for Rack, many of whose ideas now live on in Flutterby.