Flutterby 0.4.0

...a release announcement.

A quick update about Flutterby, a flexible, light-weight, Ruby-powered static site generator and ███ ███████████ █████████ that I’ve been building!

Since my initial post about Flutterby, I’ve managed to push a couple of new versions of the gem, which is now at 0.4.0. As long as Flutterby hasn’t reached 1.0, please count on every minor version update to include breaking changes, since many of the APIs are still very much in flux, and it’s too early to commit to backwards compatibility. (Yay SemVer!)

Some noteworthy changes:

Flutterby now integrates with ActiveSupport and uses many of its features, most notably proper HTML escaping/safe buffer support.

I’ve also added a number of view helpers – most notably, link_to and a generic tag helper. I’m trying to provide a (somewhat) familiar environment for people coming from Rails.

When serving the site through flutterby serve, runtime exceptions will now be caught and displayed by the better_errors gem.

Thanks to Flutterby making use of the Tilt library, the way additional view engines can be added to your Flutterby project has been significantly streamlined. Basically, just add whatever gem you need; if it’s supported by Tilt, it will automatically be enabled. (For example, it is no longer necessary to use a gem like flutterby-coffeescript – just add the coffee-script gem and Flutterby will happily process your .coffee files.)

Please refer to the CHANGES.md document for a full list of changes.